Terms of use

This Agreement is a public offer between EDUTEC LIMITED, a company registered at the address no. 28, Level 1, Manuel Vitale Street, RABAT RBT 1686, Malta, under registration number C 69533 (the Company) and an individual or legal entity owning an advertising platform (website) registered on the Portal and in the affiliate program EduGram and agreeing to the terms and conditions specified on this page (hereinafter Affiliate).
In case of acceptance of the conditions set forth below, the moment of full and unconditional acceptance by the individual of the offer of the Contractor to conclude an offer contract (acceptance of an offer) is the registration on the Portal of any individual as Affiliate, and the obligation to comply with the provisions of the agreement.
In case of acceptance of the conditions set forth below, the moment of full and unconditional acceptance by the individual of the offer of the Contractor to conclude an offer contract (acceptance of an offer) is the registration on the Portal of any individual as Affiliate, and the obligation to comply with the provisions of the agreement.

General concepts

Portal is a resource, which is located at and is created for rendering the organization of marketing services.
Affiliate is a physical or legal person, which provides a place for advertising on their advertising platforms.
Company is the owner of the site, ensuring its technical serviceability and compliance with the implementation of this user agreement.

General agreement:

1. The portal provides the Affiliate with the use of its EduGram platform to attract new users and receive remuneration for performing a paid action on the specified accounts.
2. The Affiliate must register on the domain registration page at
3. After completing all the data on the registration form and recognizing these rules on entering into an Agreement on his participation in the EduGram affiliate network, the Affiliate makes an acceptance.
4. After completing the registration and activation of the account, Affiliate can fully use the services of the affiliate network. Affiliate can change the data given during registration in his personal account.
5. The Affiliate is obliged to indicate the complete and relevant data necessary for his registration on the Portal and for transferring his earned money. In case of changing any of these data, the Webmaster is obliged within 24 (twenty four) hours to change them in his / her personal account.
6. The Affiliate is obliged to place advertising materials only in the form in which they are provided in the EduGram system, except for the cases when the change is discussed with the Portal Administration.
7. The Affiliate guarantees that he has the necessary rights to conduct marketing activities on the advertised websites. He bears any legal and property responsibility for what is happening on the used advertising platforms.
8. The Affiliate undertakes, when using advertising means on the website used, not to violate the rights of the third rightholders to the mark, trademark, brand, personal rights and other rights without the permission of the rightholders in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Malta.
9. When sending advertising materials containing advertising means of advertisers via e-mail Affiliate is prohibited from using unsolicited e-mail (spam). To send advertising by e-mail Affiliate must have the consent of each recipient and upon request to provide the Portal with proof of this.
10. The Affiliate is not allowed to have more than one account. The account is created one for one physical or legal person. If an individual is performing official duties in the state or for a legal entity that has an account in the EduGram affiliate network, then it is prohibited to create these personal rules for these individuals in order to fulfill their official duties for this legal entity.
11. The Affiliate agrees not to take any action affecting the operation of the EduGram affiliate network. Such actions are attempts to technically influence the operation of the servers of the partner network, attempts to crack security mechanisms, use viruses, trojans, and other malicious programs for any of their purposes. Use brutforce attacks, DoS (DDoS) attacks, spam, use of links and any other processes that can damage the work of the affiliate network.
12. The Affiliate is prohibited from falsifying or imitating the conclusion of transactions, and also attempting to conclude them by methods or means that are contrary to the current legislation of the Republic of Malta.
13. Any personal information provided by the Affiliate should not be advertised, contain obscene language in any language of the world, should not contain insults towards other affiliates and other Internet users.
14. Affiliates are prohibited from imitating transactions by entering knowingly incorrect, non-existent or foreign data without the knowledge of their owner when ordering goods or services in any way.
15. The Affiliate is prohibited from using the data of the advertiser or a third party protected by a registered trademark, copyright, other legally registered rights of the holder, without the written permission of these right holders in any kind of advertising. The portal reserves the right to request such written permission upon request within five (5) calendar days from the date of the request.
16. The Affiliate is prohibited to use promotional materials, including a brand, one advertiser to promote the site of another advertiser.
17. The Affiliate is prohibited from registering and / or using for promotion domains similar to the domains of the sites of advertisers. The Administration of the Portal reserves the right to determine the degree of similarity of the domains at its discretion.
18. In case of revealing the above-described violations, the Affiliate account is immediately blocked and all earned remuneration received through these violations is transferred to the advertiser. The Affiliate is notified by the Portal Administration about the decision taken. The Affiliate has the right to appeal this decision within one month. In the event of blocking a Webmaster account, it is forbidden to create a second one.
19. This public agreement is concluded for an indefinite period of time.

Requirements for websites and traffic sources

1. Before using sources in the Edugram affiliate network, each of these sources must be pre-approved by the Portal Administration. A preliminary check of the new source takes up to 72 (seventy-two) hours. The administration reserves the right to accept or reject any source.
2. The number of authorized sources includes:
2.1 SEO-traffic (websites, blogs, forums).
2.2 Systems for the purchase and exchange of traffic (PPC-system).
2.3 Own Affiliate Websites.
2.4 Social networks.
2.5 Systems of arbitration (purchase and sale) of traffic.
2.6 Doorways created to drive traffic through low-frequency searches from search engines.
3. Prohibited sources include:
3.1 Active Advertising Services (CAP).
3.2 Spam in any form.
3.3 Motivated traffic (attraction of users to actions paid by advertisers on the Portal with the help of financial reward, promotions on websites, competitions).
3.4 Websites that in other ways violate intellectual property rights, including the rights of other people or countries.
3.5 Sources that violate the legislation of the Republic of Malta, including legislation on intellectual property.
3.6 Websites that offer earnings through user visits of various resources in favor of advertising.
3.7 Websites used only for advertising without content of any content.
4. The source must not contain materials or propaganda:
  • Sexual (adult), including images, texts, links to resources of adult subjects;
  • Any kind of violence;
  • Discrimination based on racial, sexual, religious, national, inferior, sexual or age-related grounds;
  • Illegal activities.


Unless otherwise specified in this Agreement or permission from the Portal, you agree that all information, including commercial and financial information, customer lists, information on prices and sales, relating to us or our partners, provided by our partners, is strictly confidential, constitutes a trade secret and should not be used, directly or indirectly, for any purpose other than your participation in the EduGram affiliate program, when such information is well known or is openly available in other sources.
The Affiliate should not use any information received from the EduGram affiliate program to develop, develop or provide a service that will compete with the affiliate program, or help the other party to do so.

Payment for Webmaster services

1. The EduGram affiliate network is obligated to pay affiliates the rewards. The Affiliate can not claim additional payments for reimbursement of costs incurred for using third-party services, programs or services not provided by the Edugram affiliate network, even if such costs were related to his advertising activities within the Edugram affiliate network.
2. The amount of affiliates remuneration in each case is determined by the tariff set by the advertiser (the price for each action made by the Affiliate). The advertiser can change the tariff in the future, but such a change will not affect the actions already taken before. Starting to work with the Portal, the Affiliate accepts the current tariffs.
3. The portal has an internal settlement account for each Affiliate, through which all operations with the transfer and payment of fees are performed.